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Burial Ground Nocturnal, House Of Dolls, Ward 13, Bootcamp, and finally Fannies Yard)

Step though the gates of Sleepy Wood Cemetery, where you will meet your Groundsman, Arthur Palmer, who has worked here for many years.

Take a walk through the grounds and learn about the history and perhaps some of the secrets of some of the local residents who reside there.

Some of the visitors before you have told us of hearing blood-curdling screams coming from the Cemetery, as well as footsteps and whispers on clear foggy nights.

Keep your wits about you thou, as some things in these grounds are not what they seem. Just remember the phrase what goes bump in the night!

Enter the Dense, Dark Lymington Forest home of the Witches Coven. Once you enter the woods ghostly figures can be seen In the dark and reality merges into the land of the pagan legends.

As you go deep into the forest make sure you stick to the beaten track, as folk have been known to go missing, getting lost in the fog and meeting the sirens in the woods. You never know the coven could be coming for you next!

Step inside the Abandoned Tainted Souls Manor House once home to the late lord Henry Franklin Knight who passed in 1836.

The House has been the site of much paranormal activity and after many seances being practiced they have shown how dangerous the residents are. The owners were ordered immediately to board the house up and leave due to the most ghostly activity ever seen in the New Forest but for the halloween season we are opening the doors one final time so guests can experience the horrors that lie inside. Guests will come face to face with some of the most creepiest rooms featuring the most haunted dolls, demonic toys and some very unpleasant spirits.

Dare you enter The House of Dolls and come face to face with the horrors that lie within.

Set inside Hasler Hills Military Hospital, you will enter one of the most disturbing wards ever seen. Once the home to the criminally insane, the patients once ruled the ward for some time, but the owners of the hospital were at their wit's end with no hope.

So they reached out for help and came across the very experienced but extremely evil, Dr. D Ranged and his team of ruthless nurses who were well known for the way they treated their patients.

The Doctor is ready to see you now, enter ward 13 to see if you will escape his experiments and uncover what the Doctor is really up to!

Having Escaped the hospital run by the Evil Dr D Ranged you find yourself in the Prison grounds of Woodbury County Jail, run by Warden Johnson and his team.

They are on the hunt for Escapees making a break for it.

You certainly don’t want them to catch you, as they have the most brutal punishments ever known. Especially the training for what lies ahead.

So you best move fast and whatever you do, don’t look back...EVER!

Brace yourselves as this isn’t any old yard, this is a yard that has never been seen before, this is Fannies Yard. Home to the mistress of fear, and is the yard known to many as the yard of forbidden dreams and fantasies.

This is home to Fannies horrific past life, where a lot of hidden memories are locked away, and you will soon be seeing them manifested.

Just one thing to remember, what happens in the yard stays in the yard.



OCT 2023


Park opens 5.00pm. Haunts close 11.30pm



Strawberry Fields, Boldre Between Brockenhurst and Lymington (A337), SO41 8PT