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Anyone attempting to endure Carnevil this year can expect the worst of the worst. As this year you'll be going deep inside one of the world's worse Asylums, BloodNight Asylum.

Bloodnight asylum was created to contain the worse killers, psychopaths and things of nightmares. But with the aim to be revolutionary, it was designed to be ran with only a small undercover team of guards on the inside, surrounded by a giant wall that we taken to calling the Dam.

But over time more and more cameras/ coms have gone down, attempts of escape have stopped completely and all communication from The Dam have been all the same, "just screaming and this constant laughing".

Now It's your job to go in, find out what's happing inside and see if you can find the internal team, before the site is blacklisted and destroyed.

So if your up for the challenge we will see you on the 25th or 26th of October.

Find your tickets at:

Or more information on our Facebook page: Scream Aloud

"Carnevil Reborn is a live action horror attraction with actors and animatronics. There are no age brackets, all we say is if you think your children would enjoy this seasonal attraction they are more than welcome to attend"

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